Slideas is the easiest way to create a beautiful Markdown Presentation, with all the features you need.


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Built-in data visualizations for an efficient communication

When Markdown meets WYSIWYG

  • An enhanced version of Markdown, with an intuitive syntax for charts and graphs
  • See in real time your updated slides as you type.
  • Interact with your presentation as a text file but also as a structured document(slide insertion, deletion, ...)
  • Independent preview window with dual screens support.

Presentation Themes, Layouts and Palets

Themes, Palets & Layouts

  • Slideas comes packed with all-purpose built-in themes. You need something customized? You can duplicate and modify an existing one or create for scratch to make YOUR unique visual identity.
  • Themes are using HTML and CSS, you probably already know how to customize them.
  • Built-in slides transitions. Give more wahou effect to your presentation.
  • Themes can contain differents layouts to fit with each slide contents.
  • Slideas supports Standard and Wide slides sizes.